Here's what previous mentorship students have said about the program...

"This mentorship with Rosalee has been a delight from the start and was exactly what I was looking for: a wealth of knowledge ( not only herbal but so many other topics were also covered from how to set up your business to advertising and how to talk to patients to make a protocol easier for them to follow). Not only am I a lot more confident about opening my practice but with the help of Rosalee's mentorship newsletter I have seen a personal growth in myself: I now know how to organize my time to be successful and still have time for my family and my other interests. I also learned how to change habits in successful ways which is a priceless knowledge for my future patients and myself. Rosalee is an incredible teacher who is friendly, very knowledgeable and with many years of experience who is very willing to share all this with her students. I'm very much going to miss our hour long conversations!"
-Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

"I've found Rosalee's mentorship program to be extremely rewarding. I've especially benefited from her extensive awareness of educational resources and her capability of matching myself with the appropriate ones for my vision. For anyone who feels stuck or lost about where to plant their next step, Rosalee has a masterful way of encouraging, inspiring and nudging you in the right direction."
-Heidy Adams

Working with Rosalee is an amazing opportunity because she has such a vast amount of knowledge and experience at her fingertips. Without her, I had no direction, and I am finally able to envision my present and future path as an herbalist. Thank you, Rosalee.
-Amber Johnson

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